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Pecan Pie Pops-Why They’re Close to my Heart

Texas Pecan DisplayPecan Pie Pops are a Cakewalk Desserts staple. They were one of my very first pops that I ever tried baking, and are still one of my favorites to this day. They’re always even better than people expected, which is for a baker, one of the reasons people keep trying new things, and tweaking recipes until they’re just right.I remember including the recipe in my “thank you notes” for my son, Quin’s, baby shower because I had so many people asking for the recipe during the party!

This little pie pop is very near and dear to my heart, and for good reason. When I first started my business, I had just moved from Texas about a year before. My husband and I had both gone to school there (where we met and fell in love), and we were trying to make a life together in Dallas. With the economy on the fritz, I soon found myself unemployed and desperate to find work. My mom and dad had just moved from one of my childhood homes in Midland, TX to Bullard, TX (which was only an hour and 45 minutes from Dallas)! It was bittersweet that my husband and I found work in Southern California and ended up moving back to his hometown near all of his family. We ended up moving to SoCal only a few months after my parents moved closer to us.

Their home in Bullard is located in Pecan Valley and they have at least a dozen massive Pecan trees throughout their property. They harvest them every year and give them away as gifts. So, when I first started making pie pops, I used my folk’s pecans to make my first ever Texas Pecan Pie Pop. Even now, when I am baking them for large orders, or just for my husband and sons, the smell reminds me of “home.” And I get a little piece of Texas right here in California.

Enjoy these, friends!

To make these little pops yourself, you can buy my cookbook, Easy As Pie Pops on sale now at Amazon, Barnes and Noble or my website also has them in stock (you get a signed copy if you buy direct). Click here for the link.

To buy these, please visit the MENU on my website and fill out and Order Form under the tab BUY.

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Pie Pop Single

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