Pie Pops are hitting the scene and taking over as the newest baking craze! Here are some fun ways to make these the highlight of your party or event. For recipes, ideas and instructions, be sure to order our cookbook, Easy As Pie Pops at major retailers near you! It’ll be like I’m right there baking with you. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me anytime!






{ take the cake }

Pops can definitely take the center stage and replace the traditional “cake” as the highlight of the reception or party. Elegantly presented on a tiered display or as a fun arrangement, pops can really make a memorable impression.

{ a small favor }

Favors are sometimes the lasting memory that people take away from your event or wedding, so make it a yummy one!


{ a sweet spread}

Candy and dessert buffets are widely popular these days because they give your guests options. Our desserts make a great addition to any table because all our wonderfully diverse flavors are so colorful and beautiful to display. Not to mention they are bite-sized, so guests can pick 2-3 different flavors without having to commit to full-sized servings.