First Things First

For each order {large or small} we prefer to generate a custom quote rather than have an online shop. First, we need to know what your needs are. You can contact me through by filling out our quick Quote Form under QUOTES or our contact form located under HELLO in the above menu.

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Things to Consider

We require a minimum order of two dozen for all of our desserts. Limit one flavor per dozen. Cake Pops have a shelf life of 7-10 days, while the pie pops, mini pies and tea breads have a shelf life of 5-7 days. Due to increasing demand for these little treats, please try to pre-order at LEAST 2 weeks in advance. For weddings/parties/events please book at LEAST 4-6 weeks from your date. The products will last longest when kept in a cool, dry environment away from direct sunlight. They do not need to be refrigerated, however you may do so at your own risk. I have found that some pops can “sweat” when introduced to a humid environment. Do not leave your pops in an un-cooled vehicle or near any heated appliances. If you are going to display cake pops outside, make sure they are kept in the shade {not in direct sunlight}, as cake pops WILL melt.

Ordering in Advance

A deposit of 50% of the total balance can be made to reserve your date. The remaining balance will be due 2 weeks prior to pick up or shipment of your order. Changes can be made to the order (as long as the deposit does not exceed the price of the total balance) up to 2 weeks before pick up/shipping and will need to be made before the final balance is paid. Further installment arrangements can be made if needed. Booking deposits can not be issued refunds after 48 hours of the deposits being paid. *This is due to the fact that supplies for your order may have already been purchased and received. See below for refund policies.


While we are generally a local business {Southern California} Cakewalk Desserts can ship anywhere in the US. We use USPS Priority for orders with 2-3 day transit under $100 or USPS Express for overnight guaranteed delivery . You may opt to use UPS Ground as long as the transit time is not longer than 2 days {contact me for transit times}. We recommend Express Overnight shipping for the months between May-October or for weddings and other time sensitive events.


As stated above, refunds can be made for orders with remaining balances up until 14 days before your final balance is due. PLEASE NOTE: All booking deposits are not refundable after 48 hours of payment. If a balance is paid in full, it is not refundable after 48 hours of payment. If for some reason you no longer need the order for the specific date originally booked, I can work with you to use the funds towards another order(s) in the near future. I will make sure that you are still able to enjoy and make use of your order!

Refunds for delayed shipments or damaged product: Cakewalk Desserts takes great care in packaging and preserving our products to ensure that they reach you with the freshness and quality that they left in. We will choose the very best carrier for your order size and let you know your options if you have any concerns. However, please note that once your package leaves our hands, it is now subject to the refund claim policy of the carrier that was used. While it is VERY rare, delays or damage can happen, it’s just part of the risk any business takes when shipping. If your order is delayed or damaged, we will certainly work with you and the carrier to refund your order in full.  Refunds take 1-3 weeks to process as we are subject to the regulations of the carriers refund policies. USPS claims require actual delivery (or failure of delivery) of the product so these claims may take longer, therefore, refund processing times can vary up to 3 weeks. Most refunds are paid within 10 days.