Mini “Tin” Pies


I’ve recently added “tin” pies to my mini pie menu! They are adorable little pies baked in a standard sized muffin tin for that perfect little bite-sized portion of pie. These are different that my Hand Pies (pocket pies) and my famous Pie Pops, in that that don’t require a stick and are “open faced” pies (no crust on top). Of course, being me, I HAD to add a little something on top, so I can include a decorative crust garnish of a leaf, pumpkin, heart or apple. I can also do lattice for a small upcharge fee.

IMG_0858Things to note about these mini pies:

*The fruit fillings tend to have a bubbly appearance but look great if you’re going for that homemade/rustic look.

*The custard (pumpkin, chocolate, etc) tend to have a neater appearance and are a bit more heartier for transport.


20100707lattice mold

William Sonoma Lattice Pie Mold

For those who have bought my cookbook, each recipe for the pie pops yields approximately 12-15 mini “tin” pies and you’ll need to make (3) 9″ diameter pie crusts to accomodate the 12-15 mini pies.

I used the backside of my William Sonoma Lattice Pie Crust mold to punch out 4 1/2″ circles from my pie crusts and that was perfect to make each mini pie. You could also use a 4″ cookie cutter.

If you’d like to order my cookbook, you can do so here!

If you’d like to order my mini “tin” pies, check out a full list of flavors here and fill out a quote here.

I love these pies because they are easy to display and look great stacked on top of each other. They make a wonderful addition to your dessert table or buffet for parties and weddings too! Order today!




IMG_4170Featured here are my Perfectly Pumpkin Tin Pies with a Pumpkin and a Leaf garnish.






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